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Arvato Bertelsmann

STOK Check

What’s been used? What’s still there? What’s near expiry?

Hospitals like the concept of consignment stock. It gives them supplies on demand, without committing a financial resource.

Giving your Hospital clients what they want is great, of course, but the consignment system does pose problems. Who is going to keep track of what’s been used? Who is monitoring items nearing expiry or that are getting low?

Hospitals as we know tend to put the onus back upon the Supplier. They are in the business of providing patient care – it is a stance that has left device manufacturers and suppliers with only one option.....putting the responsibility of stock counting on the shoulders of field-based sales personnel, often armed only with a paper-based system.

There is another option

Experienced STOK staff, armed with sophisticated bar code scanners, coupled with specialist reconciliation software visit our clients' accounts periodically and prepare an independently detailed and accurate inventory of their products.

Our report allows for immediate reconciliation of system stock to physical stock.

It’s a great system...delivering great benefits

  • No more reliance on Hospital checks or Hospital administration

  • No administrative burden on field sales personnel, so they may concentrate on selling

  • No protracted discussions with Hospitals or other customers as you can provide independent verification of product use

  • Less wastage of near-time expired product, as it can be identified and moved, where necessary, to another location

  • Human error eliminated by bar code-based systems
A pleasure to work with you all. It makes my job so much easier and the customers are always very complementary.
Regional Manager
Medical Device Company